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Technology Update
Plans for a standard computerized invoice for the asset-based lending industry have moved closer to reality. The CFA Technology Committee has chosen the long format, but also allows for a choice of the short format if preferred.

Solving the Technology Mystery
CIOs are stuck in a balancing act that is far from envious. Besides evaluating the potential of emerging and existing technology solutions, CIOs must also learn which applications will best support their chain's business goals.

Technology Underground
IF Louisville becomes the next Silcon Valley, it will be due to some very humble beginnings. "We wrote out a business concept on a napkin over lunch at a local Frisch's...

Loan processing technology: Internet standard or proprietary?
When it comes to purchasing loan processing software or upgrading existing loan origination system (LOS) applications, information technology managers face a challenge: choosing between traditional client-server software or hosted systems that are built to run on the Internet. The distinction is not always easy to make, particularly now that LOS vendors are Internet-enabling their client-server systems.

Big-ticket Technology
Of course, opponents here brought up the same arguments: "Las Vegas!" "Times Square!" "Motorist safety!" Okay, that last point has always been a bit troublesome for me. The digital sign industry is caught in a Catch-22 situation: The argument states that these types of displays distract drivers, however, companies involved in this technology claim they do not cause distractions. But wait a second!